Hello & Welcome

We’re a couple of creatives nesting in Oxfordshire and you’re very welcome in our orbit. Our vlog is the space for our adventures. 

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About Chloë 

Chloë’s day job is in the wonderful world of marketing. She loves to grow ideas. People, places & stories are her cup of gingerbread tea. 

About Darren 

Darren is a producer & something of a visionary. By day, he’s a devoted primary school teacher, by night, an author, musician & deep sleeper. 

Do Stay A While. New Video (Most) Sundays.

Their Wider World

Chloë’s twitter – @she_noted

Chloë’s instagram – @she.noted

Chloë’s blog – www.shenoted.co.uk

Darren’s instagram – @ivebeendarren